Work at Home Facts for Successful Moms!
Telecommuter's experience a wide variety of benefits including not having to commute to work daily, flexible hours and more family time. All studies, both in the U.S. and in other developed countries, are predicting sharp increases in the number of home workers. But, telecommuting isn't for everyone.
Why Moms Love Working at Home
The greatest single reason that moms love home based work, is to be with their children. But there are many other reasons why moms and many other people choose home based work opportunities. These include; a more flexible work schedule, no wasted time commuting, more work options, the ability to start a home business and potentially earn more than most traditional jobs.
Is Working at Home Right For Me?
If you ask around you will find that almost everyone you speak to, would like the opportunity to work from home. Many would say it's ideal. But is working at home really for anyone? The answer is No.

First, there are many misconceptions about what telecommuting is all about. Working at home must be taken seriously. You need to very disciplined, willing to put in the required hours or more, and you need to take pride in your work. If you are not a self starter, this may not be a wise choice for you.

Second, you need ask yourself, "what type of person am I?" If you like small talk with co-workers and you really enjoy getting out of the home each morning, then telecommuting may seem very lonely to you. Even if you have children at home with you, the lack of colleagues and co-workers may seem a bit odd, and you may miss the traditional more social work environment.

In addition, if you choose a work at home job that has fixed work hours, it may be more difficult than you think to adhere to this schedule, especially if you have home based distractions. Even if you are able to resist the temptation of a early afternoon nap, or resist the constant urge to head back & forth to the kitchen for something to eat, a rowdy toddler in the room could cause a customer service phone call to go sour fast along with your job. 
Telecommuting is perfect for Single Parents
Parents have numerous costs associated with having children.  When both parents need to leave for work, childcare costs can literally consume an entire paycheck, making the job pointless. Single parents have it even tougher, because they need to work, and they must get child care. 

Working from home allows parents to save on childcare while not sacrificing a career. The benefits of working at home and getting to spend more time with your children are priceless. No wonder some many parents are now turning to home office employment.
Reputable Home Opportunities*
Telecommuter Case Study Findings
* British Telecom, which has 80,000 employees, found productivity rose 31 per cent among its 9,000 teleworkers, due to lack of disruptions, stress and commuting time.

* Office space for the average worker costs $10,000 per year.

* The manager/staff ratio in a virtual organization is 1:40.  It's 1:4 in a traditional office.
Ft. Lauderdale Sentinel

* Compaq teleworkers are from 15-45% more productive.
Colorado Telework Coalition 

* IBM Canada had teleworker productivity improvements of up to 50%.
IBM, Canada

* 50% of Canadian households are on the Internet compared to 29% in 1997.
 Media Matrix

* 43% of Canadians would change jobs to an employer allowing telework.
Ekos Research

* Unisys Outsourcing, with 100% of employees teleworking, reduced office space by 90%, saving $1 million annually.
MWCOG, 1999

* 17% or the workers in Finland telework.

* 53% of teleworkers say the ability to work at home is important to their employment choice.

* Telecommuting can also save recruitment and training costs because it builds loyalty. AT&T found two-thirds of workers offered jobs by competitors remained with the company, citing telework as a major factor in their decision.
Moms - Before You Get Started
1. Gather as much information as you can about various work at home opportunities before you commit to one. 

2. Know the difference between a "Job" and a "Home Business". Jobs should never ask for money. A Home Business will typically require a small fee or materials to purchase. 

Fact: Don't be fooled into thinking that any work at home opportunity asking for money is a scam. That's not true. If you are asked for money then you are likely buying  "how to make money business plan". This would be similar to paying for an education course. There are many 
ways for people to make money working online. Learning step by step how some of these people succeeded is not such a bad thing. Just have reasonable expectations and know in advance what you are paying for. You should never pay for a "salary job".

3.  Do you have a work at home strategy? - Where will you work, is it free of distractions, What hours will you work?

4.  Prepare a resume and be ready to interview.
*We verify the work abve from independant reserach. We cannot guarantee the legitimacy of the work opportunities. Shipping & handling charges may apply. Investment or fees may be required should you wish to move forward with certain programs. The work at home programs listed above are not Job Offers, rather work at home opportunities Please review Terms of Service for more information.
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